3 beauty products hiding in your kitchen

With an energetic one-year-old, mom and beauty blogger at ‘’ Joanie Cox barely has time to catch her breath let alone spend several hours and hundreds of dollars at a beauty supply store.

“I can't roam the isles anymore at the makeup store like I used,” said Cox.  “That money, now, I would rather put it towards an experience rather than a product.”

10 Beauty Must-Haves Every Brown Girl Swears By

When you're a brown girl, you know that expensive salon treatments aren't necessarily as good as your grandma's beauty regimen. Generations of South Asian women have handed down wisdom and cultural traditions that are all-natural, simple, and cheap. Best of all, some of them are already in your kitchen. Here are some of the beauty secrets every brown babe knows about.

On The Hunt For Natural Beauty Products For Women Who Actually *Like* Makeup

It sounds like the start of a joke: A rock star and a Harvard business school student team up and start a beauty blog. But Beauty Lies Truth is a real site started by Alexis Krauss, one half of the band Sleigh Bells, and Harvard Business School student Jessica Assaf. Their goal? To advocate for a beauty industry that is inclusive to getting dolled up, but with makeup that has safer and more natural ingredients.

Should You Buy Or Make Your Beauty Products? A Handy Guide To Figuring It All Out

If you are crafty, things begin to change in your life as your skills improve. Making your own beauty products can be quite the rewarding hobby. But so can shopping. DIY is equal parts research, execution, and cleaning. There are thousands upon thousands of bloggers and writers who are making DIY into a career, and their recipes can be killer! In the field of beauty, DIY mavens are amateur cosmetic chemists and product developers. Very skilled shoppers are the other side of the coin, but still use skills of deduction, research, and math to make their best purchases. There is merit in both methods of beauty product procurement.

How to Get Free Beauty Products and Discounts With These 13 Amazing Loyalty Programs

If you're reading this, chances are that you're the type of beauty obsessive who jumps with Christmas-morning-level excitement when you finally get a new beauty product you ordered in the mail. Your heart skips a beat, you can't wait to tear open the packaging, and your family members are well aware never to interrupt your glam sesh in the bathroom while you experiment with your new hair, skincare, and makeup goodies. So if you're already an avid beauty shopper, we want to let you in on a little secret: the fun doesn't stop there. By signing up for these loyalty programs below (most of them to the sweet tune of zero bucks), the beauty products, samples, and other treats keep rolling in.

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